Digital agenda

Fix appointments fast and efficient

With the digital agenda you can be reached anytime and anywhere without having to do anything yourself.

Online booking

Clients can make an appointment through your website without you being involved. They see the busy and calm moments and can choose their desired treatment in advance.

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Time indication

The agenda takes the duration of the different treatments you offer in consideration. This way you don’t need to count and shift in your agenda anymore.

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Choose your favorite employee

The client can choose his / hers favorite employee for the chosen treatment. Hereby they will only see the ones who have the knowledge of the treatment as an option.

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Automatic reminders

After booking an appointment, both you and the customer will automatically receive a confirmation email with the details. Just before the appointment, you can have an appointment reminder sent to the client via text or email.

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Appointments Made


More customers

Also a more efficient schedule?

  • More attention for the customer
  • Less ringing telephones
  • Get rid of that unclear agenda
  • Fight no-shows
  • More efficient operation of your salon