Online booking

Available anytime, anywhere with the online booking

A ringing telephone and disorderly paper agenda are no longer an issue. Manage your appointments in a more efficient way.

Online appointments

The customer can choose a free moment to make an appointment through the online booking. This way you no longer have to keep your mobile phone and appointment book by your side.

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Choice of treatment

Customers must indicate their desired treatment in advance. The agenda then takes the duration of the various treatments into account.

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Extra supplies

The online booking also includes additional supplies for certain treatments such as cabins or equipment.

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Appointment reminder

When the appointment is made, both you and the customer receive a confirmation email with the details. Just before the appointment you can also choose to send the customer a reminder via text or email.

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Also an online booking system?

  • Farewell cluttered appointment book
  • Goodbye ringing telephone
  • More customers
  • Preventing no-shows
  • Better customer service