Easy product

Manage your inventory with just one click

With the automatic product management, you will never have an empty stock again.

Scan products in and out

You can easily scan all your products so they are automatically integrated in the system. When you sell a product, you only have to scan it out. The product is automatically removed from the inventory.

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Minimum and maximum stock

You can set a minimum and maximum stock for each product individually. In this way you will be notified when you have reached the minimum and if it is necessary to order new products.

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Automatically order products

When your minimum stock has been reached, you can send an email to your representative via the system. Thus you can easily place an order to replenish the stock to the desired quantity.

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Request reports

With only one click you can check the effectiveness of your offered products. In that manner you can quickly see which products work and which ones don’t.

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Also a more efficient product management?

  • No more empty stock
  • Less administration
  • More control over sales
  • Faster checkout
  • More efficient operation of your salon