cash register

Pay quickly and easily with the cash register

With the checkout module you no longer have to worry about checkout, cash tickets, accounting and statistics

All common payment methods

The cash register system integrates every common payment method. In accounting you can see how much has been received from each payment method.

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Automatic payment

The total amount to be paid is automatically calculated based on the appointment made. If you sell an extra product, you only have to scan it and it will automatically be added to the bill.

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Full accounting is done for you. You can easily send them to your bookkeeper with only one click.

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Check the cash register

At the end of the day you can easily check your cash register by entering the amount of cash. Thus you can immediately see whether your total amount in the cash register is correct or whether there is a difference somewhere.

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Also super fast checkout?

  • More time to introduce products
  • Less accounting costs
  • Increased control over employees
  • Updates stock automatically
  • Useful reports for smarter business